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Max Heinritz

Jest custom matchers

Jest custom matchers make it easy to extend the test framework’s functionality. For example, to assert that a value is a QID of a certain type:


Defining a custom matcher requires a bit of configuration. In, say backend/jest-setup/custom-matchers.ts, a file like this:

import { EntityType } from "src/isomorphic/entity/entity-type";
import { isQidForEntityType } from "src/isomorphic/qid/qid.util";

  toBeQid(received: string, entityType: EntityType) {
    return isQidForEntityType(received, entityType)
      ? {
          pass: true,
          message: () =>
            `Expected ${received} not to be a valid Qid for ${entityType}`,
      : {
          pass: false,
          message: () =>
            `Expected ${received} to be a valid Qid for ${entityType}`,

declare global {
  namespace jest {
    interface Matchers<R> {
      toBeQid(entityType: EntityType): R;

And then in jest.config.ts:

  // ...
  setupFilesAfterEnv: ['<rootDir>/jest-setup/custom-matchers.ts'],

This will make the matchers available in all tests.